The Bungalow [Digital]

Aya the cockatoo and Gloria the macaw entertain the crowds up close and personal! 
While Keyla the keel-billed toucan cheers them on from a comfortable spot at the bird bar. 

Maria the flamingo is a victim of spilled drink as she was in the middle of tending to new orders!

Poedera the aracari toucan is in shock over a missing drink on her tray! Who could have taken it?

Resolution: 4K UHD compliant! 3840 pixels wide or high depending on landscape or portrait orientation.

The high resolution image file will feature a version of the art without cropping and scaling to fit prints.

There will be no watermark for files purchased through there.

***Due to the nature of digital copy of an image file and license associated with the use of that file, once purchased, this item IS NOT REFUNDABLE. No exception will be given.***

The image file is strictly for personal use only (such as private collection, background images) and may not be posted or distributed in any other way without explicit written consent from SixthLeafClover®. Please review the Digital Image File License Agreement for the full terms of the purchase.

You will receive an email with link to download the file once you have completed the transaction. You will need to login into your account in order to access the download. If you have any problem with the download, please contact the store by email and the file can be sent to you as an email attachment.

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