Shipping & Return

Shipping Charges

Shipping fees for orders placed with the SixthLeafClover Store are flat-rate per-order basis. Additional discounts apply for orders with total merchandise amount $100 USD or greater.

  • Domestic US Flat-Rate Regular Shipping Fee: $5
  • Domestic US Flat-Rate Priority Shipping Fee: $25
  • International Flat-Rate Regular Shipping Fee: $20
  • International Flat-Rate Priority Shipping Fee: $40
  • $5 Discount for order with merchandise total of $100 or more

Shipping Arrangements

Small prints will be shipped with rigid mailing envelops.
Medium, Large, and Panoramic posters will be shipped with hard shipper tubes.
Calendars will be shipped with rigid mailing envelops.
Pins, lanyards, collectible coins, and stickers will be shipped with rigid mailing envelops.
Orders with Pre-Order Items or Out Of Stock Items will be shipped with all items in the order once the Pre-Order Items or Out Of Stock Items are available to ship.
High-Resolution Image Files will be delivered by email registered with the account that made the purchase unless stated by the customer otherwise.

Shipping Times

These shipping times are provided to you as a courtesy. Their accuracy is greatly dependent on postal and parcel delivery companies and various factors that this store's operators cannot control.

Please note that orders are generally shipped the next business day at the time the order is received unless otherwise noted as per vacation/travel notice, product availability, or pre-order status.

  • Domestic US Regular Delivery: 3 to 5 days
  • Domestic US Priority Delivery: 2 to 3 days
  • International Regular Delivery: 5 to 21 days
  • International Priority Delivery: 3 to 7 days

Special Shipping & Carrier Arrangements

The SixthLeafClover Store WILL NOT cater to special shipping or carrier arrangements. If customers have special preference for shipping or delivery method, customers must make such arrangement on their own. The SixthLeafClover Store will discount the entire shipping cost provided the customers arrange and pay for the special shipping request solely by themselves. The SixthLeafClover Store WILL NOT pay carriers or shipping agents of customers' choosing. No exception will be given for any reason.

A guaranteed door-to-door delivery service may be implemented by request of the customer ahead of placing an order. Such request will be carried out by FedEx service for US Domestic and Worldwide International orders. All such orders will be shipped by FedEx Priority Services. A quote of the shipping cost will be given to the requesting customers and will be added to the order.

For international customers, import duties, tariffs, and VATs are paid for by receiving party. When requesting a guaranteed door-to-door delivery service, FedEx will be instructed to collect applicable import duties, tariffs, VATs, and customs clearance fees from the receiving customers. All customers must agree to this arrangement before requesting such door-to-door delivery service. No exception to this rule will be given for any reason.

Taxes, Duties, and Tariffs

The SixthLeafClover Store WILL NOT handle or pay import duties, Value-Added Taxes, or Tariffs for customers. International laws and treaties state clearly that importer of record is responsible for paying all applicable import duties, tariffs, and VATs. It is the responsibility of the receiving customers to understand and be ready to pay for any and all applicable import duties, tariffs, and VATs.

The SixthLeafClover Store will report the values of the shipment accurately and provide necessary documents to expedite customs declaration process.

Returns & Exchanges

Purchases may be returned if the buyers is not happy with the purchases. Certain products are excluded from this return policy and may not be returned for any reason other than damaged during shipping. Such restriction will be clearly stated on the product listing page. All custom products and products with requested customization, such as poster or print signing, may not be returned for any reason other than damaged during shipping.

If a return shipment is needed, the SixthLeafClover Store will send a prepaid shipping label. Customers are not allowed to use such prepaid shipping labels for any purpose other than to return purchases to SixthLeafClover.

SixthLeafClover may also elect to allow customers to ship the return purchase first and compensate the total shipping cost of the return along with the refund.

Exchange may be requested and granted to items damaged upon receipt. Customer may either request a return shipping label or request a refund of shipping cost of returning the goods. A new replacement will be mailed out after the returned goods is received. Please note that a full refund might be preferred by the store rather than and exchange.


Refunds will be issued upon when SixthLeafClover has received the physical returned goods.