Shipping & Return

Shipping Costs

Ship to address within USA:

Standard Shipping: $7 per order
Priority Shipping: $30 per order

Order with merchandise amount of $100 or more:
Standard Shipping: FREE
Priority Shipping: $20 per order

Ship to address outside of USA:

Standard Shipping: $30 per order
Priority Shipping: $55 per order

Order with merchandise amount of $100 or more:
Standard Shipping: $25 per order
Priority Shipping: $45 per order

Certain products, such as but not limited to apparels, are fulfilled by a third-party merchandise fulfillment partner. Such products will be identified on their product page. Their value amount does not contribute toward the $100 merchandise amount to qualify for free (for US) or discounted (for outside of US) shipping offer. These products are shipped directly from the fulfillment partner's warehouse or contractor and therefore the fulfillment partner will impose their own shipping charge automatically.

Shipping Time

Ship to address within USA:

Standard Shipping: 3 to 7 days
Priority Shipping: 1 to 3 days

Ship to address outside of USA:

Standard Shipping: 7 to 30 days
Priority Shipping: 3 to 7 days

Taxes, Import Duties, Tariffs, and Fees

BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL APPLICABLE TAXES, VAT, IMPORT DUTIES, TARIFFS, AND CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FEES. The shipping cost paid here is strictly for postage and packaging for the shipment of the order and does not include any amount of taxes, VATs, import duties, tariffs, and custom clearance fees.

Package Liability and Insurance

SIXTHLEAFCLOVER STUDIOS, LLC, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE OF PACKAGE OR ANY OF ITS CONTENT IN THE HANDS OF PARCEL OR POSTAL COURIERS OR CUSTOMS AT PORT OF ENTRY. SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, has teamed up with Route Package Protection to provide an extra layer of insurance against possible loss or damage of package. This service of extra fee is optional and maybe removed from shopping cart before checkout. Please review Route Package Protection's policies on insurance coverage here (Route Policy). Buyer can file claim with Route if they have bought package insurance from them here (Route Claims Form).

Reasons of Refund or Exchange

Seller will issue refund or replacement only under one of the following conditions:

  1. Wrong Item Shipping: The seller has shipped a item not ordered by the buyer.
  2. No Inventory: The seller is unable to obtain additional inventory of item ordered by buyer, of which the seller will cancel the order and refund the amount or the item unable to be fulfilled.
  3. Delay In Fulfillment: The seller did not ship the order within 5 days from the date buyer placed the order unless seller has notified the buyer of delay or expected shipping time of the item the buyer has ordered. Of which, the 5-day shipping schedule starts on the day of which the seller has indicated as the expected shipment date. This exemption applies to preorder item.
  4. Buyer Request: The buyer has requested cancellation of order before the seller has shipped the order. The buyer agrees not to request order cancellation if the seller has handed the item purchased to USPS or designated courier service.

Seller may issue refund or exchange to the buyer for reasons not listed above but the buyer understands and agrees that such refund or exchange are at the sole discretion of the seller and agrees to accept any decision from the seller.

Return or Exchange Process

Should a return or exchange of an item purchased by the buyer is approved by the seller, the seller will provide a return shipping label with prepaid shipping cost to the buyer at no cost. The buyer agrees to place the item requested by the seller into original packaging and ship it back to the seller using the shipping label provided. The buyer agrees not to use the shipping label for any other purpose other than to return the item to the seller. The buyer also understands and agrees that if returning or exchanging item is not shipped back to the seller within 30 days starting from the day when the return shipping label is provided, the buyer will assume permanent ownership of the item and will pay for the returning or exchanging item as well.

The buyer agrees that the seller may make special exemption to the restrictions listed above when it come to return or exchange but the buyer understands and agrees that such exemption is at the sole discretion of the seller and accepts any decision from the seller.

Fulfillments by Third-Party Partners

Certain products on this stores, such as but not limited to, apparels and phone cases, are fulfilled by a third-party product fulfillment partners, such as Printful or Society6. Such products will be noted on their respective product pages. Shipping cost and shipping time for these third-party fulfillment products will be calculated separately from the rest of SixthLeafClover Store and their price value do not contribute toward the $100 total merchandise amount for free (for US) or discounted (for international) shipping advertised on this store. These products will also be shipped out directly from a merchandise fulfillment center operated or contracted by Printful and therefore will not be shipped with other products from this store.

All warranty, quality, or delivery issues involved with products fulfilled by third-party partners may be addressed to SixthLeafClover Store directly. SixthLeafClover Store will be the contact to work with third-party fulfillment partners to resolve any warranty, quality, or delivery issues. However, buyers are required to provide evidence of any warranty, quality, or delivery issues when contacting SixthLeafClover Store as the third-party fulfillment partners will require proof of claim.