About SixthLeafClover

About SixthLeafClover

I find art forms in just about anything I do, whether it's painting, photography, cooking, jewelry, or even just a unique way of dressing up to go out. There is never a dull moment in life when it is full of inspiring things to make art out of.

Mythical creatures, dragons, lizards, or just about any little scaly critter imaginable are my favorite things. Usually I make time to draw new creations and sketch out ideas that are really different and unique from others. Even if it's something i've never drawn before, I like to challenge myself and try and create something entirely new.

Music is inspiring to me and moving in many ways. I like to think of music as scenery and colors and it helps me create mood when I draw.

Any cute and squishy dragons whelplings are my favorite things to hug :)

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