Liquescent Dreams [Digital]

Liquescent Dreams [Digital]

Liquescent Dreams [Digital]

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  • 4K UHD Compliant

NO RETURN, EXCHANGE, OR REFUND AFTER PURCHASE. Must agree to Limited Licensing Agreement for Digital Products before purchase.

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Nashia, the Silver Dragoness, gets ready for a swim within her grotto.

The image file you get with your purchase is 4K UHD compliant!

3840 pixels wide or high depending on landscape or portrait orientation.

The high resolution image file will feature a version of the art without cropping and scaling to fit prints.

There will be no watermark for files purchased through there.

In order to obtain a high-resolution image file of SixthLeafClover's art collections, you must agree to the following terms of purchase and use:

  1. SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, retains all rights, including copyrights, to the artwork. The Purchaser or Licensee agrees that this license agreement does not include any transfer of copyright ownership and will not claim ownership of copyrights.

  2. A one-time payment for this personal-use license must be made in whole to SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, before the image file(s) is granted under this license agreement to the Purchaser or Licensee. This payment is not refundable. The license, once granted in the form of access to the file(s), cannot be exchanged for license to another artwork image or store credit.

  3. The Purchaser or Licensee is only granted right to resize or crop the image file(s) for display screen fitting purpose. The Purchaser or Licensee may also include the image(s) file in another image file(s) in order to create a better fitting image file or display screens. Selective editing, such has change of color, removal of specific elements of the artwork, or adding watermark or elements not part of the original artwork, is strictly prohibited under this license.

  4. The Purchaser or Licensee cannot make a physical duplication of the image file, such as printing out a copy by a printer, under this license.

  5. The Purchaser or Licensee must make every effort to prevent unauthorized transfer of the licensed image file. The Purchaser or Licensee must notify SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, immediately of any unauthorized distribution or display of the licensed image file(s).

  6. The Purchaser or Licensee cannot grant license or sub-license of the image file(s) under this agreement.

  7. The Purchaser or Licensee cannot use file(s) obtained under this Agreement for the purpose of creating digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or to train or use as a reference for generative AI (artificial intelligence) image engines or large language model (LLM) generative algorithm systems.

  8. Should any term of this Agreement is breached, SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, reserves the right to revoke the license agreement with the Purchaser or Licensee. The Purchaser or Licensee agrees not to seek refund as a penalty of breach of contract. Upon termination of this license agreement, the Purchaser or Licensee must remove the image file(s) from all of data storage, devices, and storage services that retain copy of the image file(s) as well as disposing any physical material(s) containing a copy of the image file(s) in possess of or have access to. The Purchaser or Licensee also agrees that SixthLeafClover Studios, LLC, may pursue additional damage in the event of an unauthorized distribution or use of the licensed artwork(s).

  9. Any dispute arise from the term of this agreement may be subjected to binding arbitration upon consent of both parties, with one arbitrator selected by each party, and a third arbitrator selected by the two chosen arbitrators. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California, County of San Diego, without regard to the conflicts of laws rules thereof and any arbitration shall be brought in California and County of San Diego using California and County of San Diego laws.

  10. Agreeing to the term of this license agreement are not and shall not be construed as joint ventures, partners, employer/employee, or agents of the other, and neither shall have the power to bind or obligate the other, except as set forth in this Agreement.

  11. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, superseding any and all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations, and discussions. No amendment, alteration, modification, or waiver of this Agreement shall be binding unless evidenced by an instrument in writing signed by the party against whom enforcement thereof is sought.

  12. In the event it becomes necessary for either party to file a suit to enforce this Agreement or any provisions contained herein, and either party prevails in such action, then such prevailing party shall be entitled to recover, in addition to all other remedies or damages, reasonable attorney's fees and court costs incurred in such suit.

You will receive an email with link to download the file once you have completed the transaction. You will need to login into your account in order to access the download. If you have any problem with the download, please contact the store by email and the file can be sent to you as an email attachment.

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