Gift Wrap


Yes! You can have your purchases gift-wrapped and shipped to anybody for any occasion!

All gift-wrapped items will be shipped by shipping boxes instead of envelops or shipping poly bags so they are better protected from the harsh journey through the postal systems.

Please be sure to put in the comment box what your message to the recipient is. If comment is left blank, only the Sender and Recipient names will be used on the gift wrap.


  • Stickers and similarly small-sized item: $5 per order
  • Books, Calendars, and similarly medium-sized items: $10 per order
  • Hoodsonas, Figurines, and similarly large-sized items: $20 per order

Please select the proper sized gift wrap option when buying gift wrap for your items. Please note that gift wrap portion of your purchase is not refundable. Gift wrap is a taxable item.