Dragon Noodle Figurine Golden Edition

Dragon Noodle Figurine Golden Edition

Dragon Noodle Figurine Golden Edition

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Collectible. Not a toy. 14+ Only.

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A Dragon Noodle has been summoned and can now be enjoyed at anytime! Our Dragon Noodle line is better than ever! Dragon Noodle comes in colors Pearl white for the classic look and even Spicy Red for those who are adventurous!

Cute and functional! Dragon Noodle can hold a regular size pen, chopsticks, or even a mini teapot accessory! Let Noodle be helpful!

(The secret to Dragon Noodle is obviously its mini tea pot, be sure to grab one on the way out!)


Dimension (inches): 2.50" long X 3.50" wide X 4" high

Dimension (cm): 6.35 cm long X 8.89 cm wide X 10.16 cm high

Product Materials: Polyurethane Resin

Product Features: Hand-painted details.
Can hold chopsticks, pens, pencils, and stylus.

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