Hoodsonas™ by SixthLeafClover

What are Hoodsonas?

They are custom-made scarf-hoods of your designs! Incorporating unique personalities into the hoods, Hoodsonas personify your fantasy and identities. They are your wearable personas!

What do they look like?

Each Hoodsona is made with a hood with 2 scarves attached and pockets for hands at the end of each scarf.

Custom Hoodsona - Faustorian Custom Hoodsona - Order and Chaos Dragons Premade Hoodsona - Wild Cat

Premade Hoodsona - Starlight Dragon Premade Hoodsona - Wild Dog

How do I get one?

Each Hoodsona is custom-made to your design and specification. To submit an inquiry about having one made, please either send an email to christina@sixthleafclover.com or click on the link below to the order page.

CLICK HERE to place an order for Hoodsonas