Bonsai Dragon Special Edition Figurine [Ships on Nov 8, 2021]

Autumn Brown
Halloween Orange

Those fall leaves are coming in and the Bonsai Dragons are just itching with new color! Introducing special dual-colored Bonsai Dragon bushiness with a wispy patina of color on its bark!

Can you smell that? Each Limited Edition Autumn Bonsai Dragon comes with its very own pumpkin spice scent!

When the lights go out you’ll find out that Halloween Bonsai Dragon also glows-in-the-dark!

Special Autumn Bonsai Edition comic in 4K for FREE with each Autumn or Halloween Bonsai Dragon order!

Seasonal Bonsai Dragons are in season for a limited time only! Be sure to add them to your Bonsai Dragon collection before the season is over on Nov 2nd!

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