2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar

Each month features a Zodiac dragon representing a zodiac sign of the month. Zodiac Dragons are based on the Tropical Zodiacs in Western Astrology where the twelve divisions are the signs of each Zodiac. Each dragon, being the celestial body of the sign, is carefully designed and detailed to represent its key features with fascinating characteristics by SixthLeafClover®.

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  • Size: 12" X 12" Calendar
  • Paper: Premium semi-gloss stock
  • Includes: 12-Month Calendar
  • Holidays: USA and International Holidays included
  • Other: Zodiac Dates and Moon Phases included
  • Color: 24 pages of full color artwork printing on both sides
  • Binding: 1 hole punch at the center of the bottom page for hanging


Zodiac Dragons® and SixthLeafClover® are registered trademarks of Christina M. Yen

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