New SixthLeafClover Online Store

April 21, 2016

Welcome to SixthLeafClover's new online store! With better layout, cleaner interface, smoother checkout, greater payment options, and so much more, I hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience here as much as I made it! More products will be added in the coming days (or maybe weeks) so bear with me! If there is anything broken, missing, or you'd like to see or even purchase but can't find it here, please send me an email and I'll see if I can prioritize its listing.

So what happened to the old store?

Gone! The old store was based on Zencart, which is lacking active development and prone to issues and handicaps that a more dedicated development team would of have eliminated easily. The cost of hiring a professional team to customize and update Zencart on a long term basis is quite prohibitive. As a result, I've decided to switch over to Shopify instead.

What happens to the old login info?

Gone! The old database was so customized that it's difficult to migrate to Shopify without hiring some help. I've decided to go ahead and start off this new online store fresh. Shopify is built on a trusted e-commerce commitment and work with payment processors and credit card companies to ensure that every part of their site is in compliant with industry standards for payment flexibility and security. Your personal information will be in good hands here.

What about the old orders from the old store?

I have a copy of all the orders so I can still reference back to the old orders if needed. That you do not need to worry about!